The Pro-Classic has been tried and tested over 30 years and is extremely durable and versatile.

This lining offers superior flexibility resulting in less slippage, there is therefore less damage to the cargo or the load area of the vehicle.

It is spray-applied and bonds to virtually any substrate including steel, wood, fiberglass and aluminium


Available as Polyurea or Hybrid these formulations offer industrial grade protection for your assets.

It provides maximum impact resistance and tear strength, renowned for its military application, offering protection against bombs.

The Polyurea or Hybrid are ideally suited for tradesmen vehicles which require the ability to easily slide light cargo in and out of a load area without worrying about the bed getting scratched and corroded.

Applied with our High Pressure Equipment, these chemicals offer very rapid cure time and build multiple coats very fast. This means very little downtime with maximum protection.


This is the latest aliphatic polyurea technology available. This formulation not only offers you the excellent physical properties of a Polyurea but also UV protection equivalent to high-end automotive paints.

This means that a white or light coloured lining will not yellow or discolour as with an aromatic system. Your lining will hold its colour and gloss for years to come. You can have it colour coded, colour co-ordinated or even apply contrasting colour without worrying that it will discolour or become less glossy – even in White!

This Pro-Trend Aliphatic Polyurea is only available through Polyzilla at select applicators.

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